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Age by age methods to introduce religion
Age by Age Methods
2 and under
songs and care

2 to 4
puppets, songs, action/motion songs, coloring on paper, telling/reading simple stories (3 to 5 minutes in length)

4 to 6
cut and paste, simple games, flannel graph, short videos, Bible story book, prayer time

6 to 8
skits/plays, easy reading out loud, arts and crafts, prayer time with requests

8 to 10
show and tell, doing simple skits and plays, memorizing Scripture, reading simple Scriptures out loud, learning Books of the Bible

10 to 13
Advanced Bible stories, Scripture memorizing, Bible trivia games, Find a verse hunt, getting friends to come/evangelism, Bible parties

13 to 18
Food, team sports/contests, fact finding, Bible scavenger hunts,  debates, lock-ins,  retreats
These are activities and teaching methods which can be introduced at each age.
The first five things a teacher must teach a child in leading them to Christ:

1. God loved
2. I sinned
3. Christ died
4. I believe
5. I live
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